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Our privacy policy moderates MPB CORPORATION LTD's use of personal user data received in the course of their investment activities on the MyPrivateBank platform (the MyPrivateBank Web site) and is included in the custom agreement.

MPB CORPORATION LTD has the absolute right to collect, organize, process, store, use, and destroy the user's personal information. Registration on the website indicates direct confirmation of the user's consent.

Personal data includes: any user-supplied personal or payment information, technical data (including IP address, Cookie, and so on), as well as customizations to other custom software systems.

MPB CORPORATION LTD is not responsible for user misconduct in relation to personal information or for the user's loss of registration and other data.

The MPB CORPORATION LTD Company does not engage in the sale or transfer of confidential information to third parties, except in the event of a formal government request from the authorized authorities on the basis of suspicion of the user having committed Illegal acts.

Our privacy policy can be changed by the management of the company in whole or in part without an open notification to the platform users.

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